Neuropsychological testing looks at the whole person. We conduct a short information gathering session which gives us an all-round picture of a person’s functioning. The patients will then undergo specific testing to look at intelligence, academic skills, attention, executive functioning, motor skills, language, visual procession, learning and memory.

  • What does the process include?
  • What can neuropsychological testing tell me?
  • Why would I undergo a neuropsychological assessment?
What does the process include?

Your psychologist will assess whether all of the following stages are necessary or whether just a few need to be carried out.

  • A pre-diagnostic interview or perhaps an observational session depending on the age of the patient
  • Classroom observation
  • Speaking to those in the patient’s life – this might be teachers or school counselors but may also be the patient’s parents and loved ones.
What can neuropsychological testing tell me?

Neuropsychological testing can show you a huge amount about your cognitive functioning. It highlights strengths and weakness in the 5 main areas of functioning which can then be strengthened and built upon. Neuropsychological testing can explore the following areas Learning disabilities, ASD, Language disorders, intellectual disabilities, neurological conditions, and patients’ strengths and weaknesses without any specific diagnosis.

Why would I undergo a neuropsychological assessment?

The main reason for a neuropsychological assessment is to inform diagnosis. Neuropsychological assessments are the heart of a holistic service – A diagnosis can be made with information and clinical expertise but the assessments give an in-depth view of areas of possible weakness but also areas of strength to pull upon.

Other reasons for a neuropsychological assessment include educational planning – is your child eligible for extra services at their school?

As well as treatment planning – which may help inform the direction for psychotherapy, the need for speech and language input, occupational therapy input, counseling or perhaps educational support programs.

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