Mary Antonette Atregenio is a Registered Nurse in the Philippines. She holds a DHCA license in Dubai Healthcare City. She received her nursing degree at St. Jude College, Manila, Philippines in 2009 and become a registered member of the PNA (Philippine Nurses Association), The International Council of Nurses.

In March 2010, she was hired as Staff Nurse at a Hospital in the Philippines and gained valuable experience until December 2015. Mary has 9 years of experience in different areas of the clinical settings such as ward work, accident and emergency services and in Pediatrics.

She managed and cared for patients with a variety of different health conditions and provide holistic care to the highest standards. She also worked as a Community nurse in the Philippines where she was able to engage and care for patients in remote communities where health services are not easily assessable.

Mary was determined to pursue an independent life which allowed her to grow personally and professionally. Because of this she applied for overseas work and was offered a position in a Nursing home. Here she provided residential care to patients at home. Mary enjoyed providing continuous care to patients, gaining their respect and building a rapport in the comfort of their own home. Another important facet of this role was to provide constant feedback for the patient and family members from the Healthcare team.

Mary’s skills grew as a staff nurse and she decided to move onto a new challenge at Cambridge Medical Centre. She believes in providing the highest standard of care to all patients regardless of gender, race, religion or beliefs.

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