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‘When you cannot see the light, I will sit beside you in the dark’

Is there anything more fascinating than human behavior? Why people behave so differently in response to the same situation? I don’t think so. Psychology captivated me during my A levels and my love for the subject has never faulted.

After college I went to study a BSc in Psychology at the University in Glasgow where my love for understanding and helping people was nurtured and developed. After which I continued my education by completing a PGDip in Psychology and an MSc in Forensic Psychology. Throughout my university education I completed many placements including – honorary assistant psychologist in an oncology unit for children and adolescents, Helpline handler for various charities and locked forensic psychiatric hospitals.
In 2014 after completing my education I worked in various positions with children, adolescents, adults and older adults. Working across a variety of teams and specialisms gradually narrowing the field in which I felt most inspired by and where I felt I could do most good.

During my various roles Neuropsychological Assessment become my specialty. When aiding in diagnosis I believe that people are puzzles and neuropsychometrics are a necessary component to see the puzzle complete and is crucial to informing the most appropriate future interventions.

After working for 4 years in various NHS services in the UK I decided that my path led me back to Dubai where I had spent my childhood.

I have seen a massive change in the UAE regarding their attitudes towards mental health and I am excited to become part of this change. I believe that people deserve the best mental health support free from judgment, prejudice and stigma.

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